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Rear suspension design of dongfeng long-head diesel truck, model EQ1092F8AD1    
My graduation design theme is the rear suspension design of dongfeng long-head diesel truck, model EQ1092F8AD1.
At present, the trucks listed in China mainly use non-independent suspension.The first step is to determine the structure of the rear suspension, and then select and calculate the main parameters of the suspension.Because there are many differences in the structural functions of the front and rear suspension, the most obvious difference between the rear suspension and the front suspension in the design process is that the rear suspension needs to distribute the stiffness of the main and auxiliary springs. After calculation, the stiffness distribution of the main spring and the auxiliary spring is represented by the elastic characteristic diagram.In addition, the main and auxiliary spring should be calculated separately to determine the main parameters, determine the length of each piece, check the strength, and calculate the assembly radius of curvature and arc height.
As the elastic component of the target suspension, leaf spring is the most important part in the design of truck suspension, which is of great significance to the driving and riding comfort, ride comfort, vibration reduction ability and suspension structure.

Key words: EQ1092F8AD1leaf spring  independent suspension


1  Introduction    1
2  Determine the Basic Parameters of the Truck    2
2.1 Main design parameters    2
2.2 Number of axles of the truck    2
2.3 Driving type    2
2.4 Layout    2
2.5 Main dimensions of goods vehicles    3
2.5.1 Overall dimensions    3
2.5.2 Wheelbase L    4
2.5.3 Front and rear wheelbase    4
2.5.4 front suspension and rear suspension of the automobile    5
2.6 Truck quality parameters and axle load distribution    5
2.6.1 Vehicle readiness quality    5
2.6.2 Loading quality    5
2.6.3 Truck quality coefficient    6
2.6.4 Total mass of truck    6
2.6.5 Axis load distribution    6
2.6.6 height h of the center of mass of the truck    7
3  Determination of basic parameters of rear leaf spring suspension    8
3.1 suspension static deflection    8
3.2 Suspension dynamic deflection    9
3.3 Elastic characteristics of the suspension    9
3.4 Stiffness distribution of main and auxiliary springs of rear suspension    10
3.5 Selection of main parts and components of the suspension system    12
3.5.1 Connection form between leaf spring and frame    12
3.5.2 Spring clamp    12
3.5.3 leaf spring center bolt    12
4  Design of elastic components    14
4.1 layout of leaf springs    14
4.2 Determination of main parameters of leaf spring    14
4.2.1 Full arc height    15
4.2.2 Determination of leaf spring length L    15
4.2.3 Determination of section size and number of steel plates    16
4.3 Determination of leaf spring length    18
4.4 Determination of bearing type of leaf spring end    19
5 Conclusion    26
Reference    27
Appendix A    28
Appendix B    29